Your traditional vision insurance is intended to cover your traditional vision needs. The neurolenses are not a covered product, as they are not only aimed to handle all of your traditional vision needs but are aimed to reduce the medical symptoms associated with eye misalignment. You can use your HSA or FSA account towards the purchase of neurolenses.

We strongly recommend that you wear your neuroLenses during all waking hours for the best results. If you are not able to wear your neuroLenses during all waking hours, it is important to wear them while working on digital devices.

Most patients see results with their neuroLenses within the first 3-7 days of wearing them; however, some patients take a bit longer to adjust – sometimes up to 2 or 3 weeks before their symptoms begin to dissipate.

We have a very sophisticated digital manufacturing process that allows for you to choose if you would like only your neurolens® prescription to wear over your contacts, or if you would like to incorporate both your neurolens® prescription with your regular eyeglasses prescription. neurolenses are not currently available in contacts.

There are no known, lasting, negative side effects from using neurolenses; however, some patients may experience a slight disorientation the first time they try them on. Because neurolenses are adjusting the way your eyes communicate with your brain, they may take a short time to get used to. Once you have become accustomed to this change, there are no known, lasting, negative side effects. (The adaptation process is similar but may be stronger than that of adjusting to progressive lenses for the first time).

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